Custom Leaf Springs in Grand Junction, Colorado

Alcan Spring Inc. in Grand Junction, Colorado, offers custom leaf springs for the road, racetrack, or the toughest four-by-four wheeling trail. Our leaf spring manufacturer aims to handcraft the finest custom leaf springs, and our custom springs range from mild to wild, with custom setups in between.

About Our Leaf Springs

We handcraft each custom set of springs for vehicle brands such as Toyota™, Jeep®, Ford™, Chevrolet™, Dodge®, and Nissan®, as well as many other vehicles. Each spring is able to suit your vehicle's characteristics. These characteristics include weight, modifications, and accessories, as well as towing or cargo needs.

Vehicle Spring Characteristics

We also construct these springs to suit your ride-quality and ride-height (lifted, stock, or lowered) desires. Our company believes that no mass-produced off-the-shelf spring equals the ride quality, suitability, and durability of a true custom spring.

The Alcan Spring Orbit-Eye Bushing™

We also exclusively offer the new Orbit-Eye™ bushing, it has a unique design, better flex, improved performance, and more durability. This device helps increase axle articulation and eliminates chewed-up bushings. If you want in your vehicle please call for more information.

It also includes:

• Precision-Machined
• Cold-Rolled Steel Ball Rides inside a Special Molybdenum-Based
  Nylon Socket

• Housing Pins Secure the Socket in Place
• Rustproof Aluminum Spanner Nuts Secure the Ball and Socket inside a
  .120-Wall Steel Housing
• Set Screws That Prevent the Nuts from Backing Out

Leaf Spring Making Process, Custom Leaf Springs in Grand Junction, CO

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